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* Winner - 2016

About her song - Sally writes:

I wrote the song 'The Night That Was Ours' on the morning of ANZAC Day.  ANZAC Day is the anniversary of my mum's death so I was already in a tragic mood.  I then began thinking about the soldiers who fought in Gallipoli as well as their loved ones left behind.   So over chocolate cake and a cup of tea and my guitar in my arms this song began to take shape.

It took on a romantic flavour as this was the most tragic scenario I could think of - spending one night only with your soul mate.  And the memory of this night that would stay with you for the rest of your life.

Allusions to Gallipoli were subtle 'wild rosemary grows where the lovers depart'.   Wild rosemary grows on the hills of Gallipoli.  As well as the war of both the gun and the heart to allude to sacrifices made on many levels.  And 'our sights were set....' to bring into focus the war being waged that was not of the gun.  

And from my own romantic experience?  Well, I, like many, have loved and lost.   Yet the memories linger on - as they should.  For isn't our consciousness partly a collective of our most powerful memories?  And that would have to be our journey in love.
The Night That Was Ours - Sally Carter (c) 2016

Hush a bye baby on the treetop
Feel the cold wind blow - when will it stop?
The cradle will rock and the cradle will fall
And when the bough breaks we will hear the stars call

Chorus: Of the night that was ours to have and to hold
The bad and the good of our story that's told
In the fields and the valleys, the truth and the light
Of the love that we shared on that night - that is ours forever

We lay there in something more precious than gold
That carried us through the pain and the cold
And as the sun rose and the night it had set
We held our heads high and we went on to let

The war of the gun, the war of the heart
Wild rosemary grows where the lovers depart
And our sights were set on the time we could steal
To travel forever in love that was real.

Words printed with Sally's permission.
Sally Carter
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