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News from Albury

Alan reports that they have had their second meeting, and it went well.
He says... "had originally thought that it would run in the format that I tried on the first one
with acts doing a 10 minute set but everyone seemed happier with a singaround format
just going round the room.

It worked well and if that is what people want then I am happy to run that way, the main
thing of course being to get a club up and running and known in the area.  I think that
perhaps I have had PFC too much in mind and, as Lillian pointed out, PFC wasn't
always as big as it is now."

Alan Buckley

13 Dos and Don'ts Of Performing At Open Mikes - by Robin Yukiko

A most interesting and must read for all performers at open Mike nights.  Read it or download it by clicking on this link.

A Question on Concerts

A question from the floor raised possibility of more frequent concerts.  Max explained that he feels that we are asking a lot of committee members and other faithful helpers who arrive at 4 and are usually packing up until after 10.  The Committee has subsequently discussed the matter at length and agreed with Max's initial response.  We feel that there are lots of options for our Members and friends who want to play or hear more music.

In our Newsletter, we list details of other music clubs and venues that are operating on various weeks each month.  At PFC, we encourage our members to enjoy the music at other clubs and venues.  We like to support each other in fostering live music of all genres!

Life Membership

Peter Nelson

Peter has been recognized for the many years of faithful service by becoming a life member.   Peter has been one of the quiet behind-the-scenes people who make being a part of Peninsula folk club so special!  We wish him luck in his expanded role at his Probus Club!!

Beth Perry

At our October Club Night, it was announced that, in recognition of her long and faithful service, Beth has become a Life Member of Peninsula Folk Club!  Beth is in her "Ninth" year as the Club's Bean Counter (Treasurer) a particularly thankless task.
Although she loves music (all types), Beth is not a musician.  That has not stopped her from being a valuable and dependable part of the club, who is much appreciated by the rest of the Leadership Team!

Congratulations Beth! :o)

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